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Host a Pangea Workshop

It's you and your friends getting together and having a great time. The only difference is, everyone walks away with beautiful, healthy skin.

IE Alt Workshop Steps
  • Pick a Date and Invite Friends

    Familiar faces at a familiar place, whenever you want it.
  • Have Fun

    Sit back, relax, and let the healthy beauty roll in.
  • Enjoy Your Host Rewards

    It's the Workshop that keeps on giving.
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We Plan, So You Can Workshop

When you host a Pangea Workshop, one of our Beauty Ecologists will help plan everything to the last detail, so you can stick to having fun.

Pangea Beauty Ecologist watering a plant
Pangea Beauty Ecologist friends

Your Workshop, Your Friends

Pangea Workshops aren't awkward get-togethers with total strangers. They're the perfect chance for you and your best friends to laugh and connect over a healthier kind of beauty.

Pangea Beauty Ecologist Host Rewards

Ok, Let's Do This

Dear Pangea,

Hi. My name is , I love beauty, I love healthy skin, and I love a good Workshop. Since you've found a way to combine all three, I'd love some more details about hosting a Pangea Workshop. Here's my contact info:


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