About Us


Based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, Pangea was founded on the belief that together, we can create a new, more sustainable future. We've chosen to do so one bottle, bar, and jar at a time. We are a community of like-minded folks who believe in creating products that help, rather than hurt, at every stage of the lifecycle.


Buying Pangea products does more than make your body feel good. It means you're supporting sustainable agriculture and
culture. Everything from fair trade sourcing and organic farming to living wages and the use of renewable, recycled and
recyclable resources. In other words, good for you. Good for everybody.

Pangea products are (and always will be):

  • Crafted in small batches, using pure, organic ingredients that replenish the skin and soothe or stimulate your senses
  • Preserved using the gentlest of methods to retain the nurturing properties of the botanicals in each customized blend
  • Intentionally sourced from organic farmers through fair trade practices whenever possible
  • Honest above all else: if it's in our products, it's on our labels


You're already beautiful. We're just here to help cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin.

We believe that taking great care of your skin means understanding what you put on it. Especially since most of what goes on
your body makes its way into your body. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

So we've created bodycare that doesn't just smell nice. It is nice.

Herbs transform the earth's nutrients into a form that our bodies can utilize. We then utilize these whole, living plant essences
in our products so you can benefit from their vitamins, minerals, and essential oils in the purest way possible.


Our mission is to make body and skincare that is good for you and your body. That's why we choose to use only plant-based ingredients that nurture you and your skin.

Now, sometimes you hear people say "organic body and skin care means poor performance." Well, whoever said that wasn't
talking about Pangea. We put the same effort into making products that work as we do into making products that are organic.
So you can always trust that your Pangea products will perform as great as they feel.


What we choose to consume today directly impacts how we, and future generations, will live tomorrow. Choosing to buy Pangea means you, too, are positively impacting the future.

You only have one body, and we only have one planet. We promise to do all that we can to take care of both.

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