We explore the world to find the finest ingredients the earth has to offer. Utilizing scientifically proven methods to extract & preserve the most essential properties of each ingredient to deliver results that will far exceed your greatest expectations.

"From the very first moment Pangea came into my life, it has been a beautiful love affair. I challenge anyone to find cleaner bodycare products. If I were to pick one item as the hands down winner of all organic bodycare products - it is Pangea’s Lip Balms. I travel the world and have never left home without it!"
Autumn Bree Fata
Integrative Health Coach
"I've been committed to living a natural lifestyle most of my adult life from the organic whole foods I eat, the pure water I drink, and the quality of products I put on my skin. It's refreshing to support a company with this degree of quality and respect for our planet. If I could simply sum up Pangea Organics in one word it would be INTEGRITY."
Shay Jones
Professional Stylist
"After years and years of searching for the right skincare products, I finally feel at home using Pangea Organics. I'm a girl on the go, and have never found a product that soothes both my mood and my skin simultaneously! After a long day at work, there's almost nothing better than the Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Berry Facial Mask! I am so thankful to have found a product that I look forward to using every single day! Thank you Pangea!"
Erica C.
Los Angeles, California
"Pangea Organics is a trustworthy beauty brand that uses high quality plant ingredients to nurture your body from the outside in. As a mother and voice in the women’s wellness community I am constantly vetting products for safety, efficacy and integrity. There are only a handful of brands I trust and recommend to expectant and new mothers, and Pangea Organics is one of them. Plus, I’m a sucker for a good lip balm and theirs is the best!"
Latham Thomas
Women’s Wellness Expert - Founder Mama Glow
"A big Thank You to Pangea Organics for taking such good care of my skin. I live high in the mountains in a very dry environment. It’s incredible to have products that fully hydrate and absorb into my skin. Pangea has made it very easy to move away from toxic products and pay more attention to ingredients. They are the highest quality in natural beauty products that I have found! Beyond Grateful!"
Eva Vai
Eden, Utah
"Pangea Organics is my go-to skincare line. Each product is consciously sourced and provides clarity, health and nourishment for my skin. Harsh products used to irritate and redden my skin. Since transitioning to Pangea my skin is glowing and clear. I am so grateful to have Pangea - a line I can trust on my skin, in our environment and in the world."
Lauren Eckstrom
Yoga Teacher, Meditation Guide, Author - Los Angeles, California
"Pangea Organics has been a staple in our home for over 15 years. Learning about the importance of skin and bodycare that is free of toxicity and chemicals has been vital to my son's understanding of the world, and to our overall wellness. Pangea is one of the best choices we make for our family."
Elena Brower
Yoga Teacher, Author, Momma - New York, New York
"There are a few brands I trust the way I trust Pangea. It’s rare to find a company that uses only organic ingredients AND has full-disclosure of it all. I have an auto-immune disease and have to be extremely careful on what I apply on my skin, so honest product labeling is a huge thumbs up! Love love love EVERY product!"
Luiza Florence
Journalist - Malibu, California