Our Bottles Are Brown Because We Care.

- By: Aimee Regur

As you know, we pride ourselves on using high quality, organic, nutrient dense foods as the main components in our products. We spend months and sometimes years discovering the best ways to extract, preserve, and combine the world’s finest ingredients to create the best skincare products on Earth.

Why spend all that time and energy from the soil to the finished product only to package it in something that does not protect all of the vitality in the product? Our process is simple. We spend as much time researching and developing what we put the product in as we do creating the product itself – from the environmental aspects of the packaging’s creation, to how it affects the Earth once all of the product has been enjoyed and goes down the drain.


Exposure to light is one factor that can cause foods to spoil faster. Both natural and artificial light can speed this process, called photodegradation, according to the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Clemson University. Exposure to sunlight, and fluorescent and incandescent light can cause photodegradation.

Photodegradation occurs when the absorption of light directly causes a chemical reaction in a constituent in the food, or when light indirectly causes a reaction in a second constituent by its effect on the first one. Photodegradation usually affects specific components in food, such as pigments, vitamins, fats, and proteins. Absorption of light can cause food to develop off flavors and lose or change color. It can also cause vitamin loss.

Light Sensitivity

How sensitive a food is to photodegradation depends on factors such as the strength and type of the light, length of exposure, distance from the light, temperature, oxygen content of the food, optical properties of the packaging, and whether the food is a solid or a liquid. Light usually penetrates only the outer layer of a solid food, typically causing discoloration on its surface. Light can penetrate liquids more deeply and affect more constituents, because of mixing and agitation.

Source: livestrong.com

Pangea uses brown bottles, tubes, and jars because we found these to be the best way to keep UV A&B light from affecting the integrity of the ingredients.

We search the world and we keep the vitality in the products, so you can keep it in your skin.