Essential Oils - Single Note Set with Diffuser

Essential Oils

Single Note Set with Diffuser


$706 VALUE FOR ONLY $525! Since we released our line of 27 single note 100% organic Essential Oils, people have been asking us what makes them so special. The answer is that we spent many years searching the world over in order to collaborate with farmers and distillers who dedicate their lives to creating the highest quality organic Essential Oils possible. The partnerships we have cultivated with organic farmers who treat the earth and the health of their communities with respect have resulted in a full spectrum of extraordinarily nutrient dense, profoundly nurturing oils that love to help, heal, and harmonize our bodies and homes. This complete collection is ideal for aromatherapists, yoga instructors, and anyone else who wants to incorporate the magic of Essential Oils into their daily lives. To transform your home or office into a retreat-like sanctuary, blend complementary Essential Oils in our signature wood grain diffuser and allow them to imbue the atmosphere with more joy, relaxation, and creativity.

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