• 1983

    A deep connection to the earth and the healing
    powers of nature started for Pangea founder Joshua.
    A love of gardening and growing food was
    passed down from his Italian
    grandfather and
    Ukranian grandmother.

  • 1990s

    Joshua’s love of scuba diving — and
    care for the ocean — began. Having
    encountered whales, sharks and sea
    mammals being entangled in plastic, his
    underwater exploration planted a
    seed of conservation.

  • 1997

    Early inception of Pangea was born through the
    organic, vegan soaps Joshua created in his garage
    with his mom, seeking an alternative to the
    commercial products he was using that caused
    irritation and inflammation. These
    soaps were sold at local farmers markets.

  • 1999

    After traveling the world to over 50 regions, Joshua
    developed relationships with organic farmers to begin
    creating a fully sustainable ecosystem of ingredient
    sourcing standards. Dedication to 5-star care for
    the humans and environments creating some of the
    purest, plant-based, active ingredients in the world is
    an integral part of Pangea’s ethos today.

  • 2001

    Pangea Soapworks was officially born,
    introducing a curated collection of nine
    organic and fully sustainable soaps. The
    brand continued to expand with bodycare
    and skincare collections in the years ahead.

  • 2006

    Partnered with IDEO, to launch the first plantable
    packaging in beauty, made from 100% post-consumer
    molded fiber, initiating a deep-rooted mission
    to push for future changes in sustainable packaging
    standards within the beauty industry.

  • 2014

    Pangea decides to change its business model to focus
    on the mission statement, “Our commitment to
    sustainable practices is uncompromising.” We spent
    almost a decade researching and meeting with partners
    around the world who aligned with our values and
    continue to drive future change with us.

  • 2021

    Initiated our plastic-free mission and introduced
    our new, infinitely recyclable aluminum packaging.
    The topographical maps on our bottles are a
    direct connection to the source of the farmers,
    ingredients, materials, and care provided in every
    product produced.

  • Now

    Our bodycare (and soon to launch) skincare formulas
    are crafted with a powerhouse team of chemists to
    combine the purest ingredients from nature, at active
    levels, for science-backed, clinically-proven performance.
    We are committed to using the highest levels of
    bioactive ingredients and provide
    ingredient labels with full transparency.*

*We always strive for the gold standard of efficacy in our formulas, and the majority of our formulas contain active ingredients between 1%-5% levels, when industry standards are typically at 0.1% levels. The only exceptions we make on levels less than 1% are to ensure consumer safety and no adverse reactions in the formulas.